Controlling and Sorting

For some activities that do not require experts, it is not worthwhile for companies to hire additional employees. Especially not when they know that we have them and they do a great job for a fraction of the money. We will help you with the inspection and sorting of products. Either in our hall, where we will bring everything, check it and take it back, or directly at your place. We hold the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for all processes taking place in protected workshops.

Service benefits

  • you don't need to hire additional employees
  • we will provide our own premises for inspection
  • you will no longer have to worry about transport


Recruiting employees from EU and non-EU countries is no fun. Thanks to our long-term international contacts, we can get foreign workers for you much faster, arrange a video interview, take care of all administration and translations, arrange visas, arrange the transport of employees and accommodation, etc. If you need it, of course, there are also Czech language courses.

You will no longer need

  • to worry about legislation
  • to process visas
  • shánění ubytování
  • to recruit and select employees
  • personnel and payroll agenda
  • worry about translators

Greenery care

Not only buildings, but also their surroundings form the image of a company or city. Therefore, it is necessary to keep everything clean and well-groomed. The most economical solution is to hire our specialists. In summer and winter, they take care of the maintenance of cities and roads, cutting down invasive trees, mowing the grass and maintaining the lands. Our gardening services, including a garden architect, are at your disposal. You don't even have to invest in technical equipment. We will take care of everything.

Benefits of the service

  • landscape architect services
  • own garden equipment
  • removal of green waste

Most often you are interested in these

We have selected the most frequent questions that you contact us with or that are asked at our meetings with clients.

The simple answer is - yes. We have several years of experience in managing public spaces for municipalities and cities with our sister company, belonging to the Ariete Group.

We are preparing a more detailed answer for you.

We are preparing a more detailed answer for you.

Who will take care of you?

Eliška Kubátová