Your choice when you don't want to leave anything to chance

Do you need to thoroughly test the selected employees in practice before hiring them? Then we'll lend you ours for a few months. If they prove good, they will go to the core group. This is exactly what the service promises - to test the workers and, if they proves good, to employ them.

You will no longer need

  • to write ads
  • to recruit and select employees
  • personnel and payroll agenda.

You will get

  • examined employees into your core group (purchase of Czechs, Ukrainians and Slovaks)
  • guarantee for the selected employee
  • reducing fluctuation

Most often you are interested in these

We have selected the most frequent questions that you contact us with or that are asked at our meetings with clients.

We determine the duration of the contract individually. In principle, we do not have a minimum duration for this type of contract. It only depends on your requirements.

We can also provide very specific fields of study. Of course providing worker positions is the fastest, but there are narrow profile workers in our databases too.

It will be very easy for your accounting department. It practically only sends the invoice. We do all the administration involved. We try to make cooperation as easy and simple as possible.

Who will take care of you?

Eliška Kubátová